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Sorry, Pyronis!
03/13/2011 06:24 AM by Sarielle.

It was brought to my attention that a key member of our raid was all but hidden behind someone's earth totem. (Lofn's, no doubt.)

As you can see, this has now been rectified. ;)


Love it!Pyronis at 03/13/2011 11:41 AM
Weird i can't see the picture! :(Shinroth at 03/15/2011 12:22 PM
Bastion of Twilight - 25
03/12/2011 01:08 PM by Sarielle.

Congrats on a fantastic first week of 25-man raiding! Nine new raid bosses in seven and a half hours of raiding is definitely something to be proud of -- even if we had seen most of them in 10's before. ;)


Haha... look its Infil and friends! But aside from that we rocked socks.Arabiandisco at 03/12/2011 01:53 PM
lol! I didn't even notice that! I have names off for everyone except my current target. Sarielle at 03/12/2011 01:57 PM
lmao!infil at 03/12/2011 02:29 PM
hahhaha infil and friends. i like how you can only see xochil's end of his warglaive.cigismund at 03/15/2011 08:19 PM

lol you know infil's a big ole muscley armed guy... his back had to hurt from all the carrying of us he did. :D lol

Yeah, xochil was trying to be sneaky. He is a rogue after all. haha

Arabiandisco at 03/16/2011 12:17 PM
one day Xochill will have a matching set... probably a couple expansions from now.Ragnark at 03/17/2011 08:06 PM
Grats Dragonslayers!
02/25/2011 07:26 PM by ouchies.
...and all it took was a month of 1-2 day raid weeks!

Sorry you missed it Naithin. =/




NevilleTroll at 02/25/2011 07:34 PM
sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssouchies at 02/26/2011 01:43 PM
Love the pony, Ouchies. :DSarielle at 02/27/2011 06:58 PM
Heroic Sindy Deadified
09/10/2010 12:01 AM by ouchies.

Good job guys!

ps. Flakers Gonna Flake



why u foto shop me out? :[cigismund at 09/10/2010 12:56 AM
I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my timeouchies at 09/10/2010 01:07 AM
08/22/2010 09:56 AM by ouchies.

Just so the news is up to date since I've been slacking hardcore, our currect 25man progression is:

ICC Normal: CLear
ICC Heroic: 10/12
RS Normal: Clear
RS Heroic 0/1


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