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Letters from Angry Sari, Legion Edition
03/09/2017 08:45 PM by Sarielle.

Letters from Angry Sari, Legion Edition (AKA "I can't believe you're making me do this again, jerks!")

Dear Sarielle,
Soandso isn't following fight mechanics! What can I do?
-- Concerned Raider

Dear Concerned Raider,
Call it out in raid! Use capital letters! Exclamation marks! Sarcasm! Whatever it takes to get the point across. SOMEONE IS DOING IT WRONG and it's clear that your raid leaders have no clue. It's up to you, hero, to step in save the day.
-- Angry Sari

I mean, cool. Thanks.
-- C.R.

No. I wasn't being serious.
If you are legitimately concerned about someone's gameplay, talk to an officer -- preferably Kathryn, Trudeau or Steen, because they're the ones who know how the various DPS classes work. Believe it or not, we aren't entirely oblivious to what happens in raid (okay, I am, but they generally aren't), so we are often aware of the issue and addressing it privately... or we simply don't perceive it to be the calamity you do. Have a calm, rational conversation and help us to explore the situation from all sides.
-- Somewhat-calmer-now-but-still-annoyed-to-be-having-this-conversation-AGAIN Sari

Dear Sarielle,
Maybe I wasn't being clear. Davason isn't switching to adds. He is ignoring our finely-tuned, well-researched strats to tunnel the boss and inflate the damage meters. It's not fair. Raptorr did the same thing before being shown the error of his ways in a friendly, mature manner that absolutely did not drive him from his guild of eight years.
-- Increasingly Concerned, Nearing Indignant Raider

Your name is still less stupid than Lorf's. Good job.
Look, I agree that teamwork is important. But there are many ways to be a team player, especially when you define a team player as someone who effectively maximizes spec specific advantages (or minimizes disadvantages) in order to advance raid progression. Should a class with poor burst damage and a long ramp-up time (like an assassin rogue or demonology warlock) target switch to short-lived adds? Maybe, in some circumstances. But probably not, in others.
Trudeau has made the decision to treat everyone like adults they are and to trust their judgment rather than try to micromanage individual gameplay. If it becomes a serious issue, then he will address it. Calmly. Respectfully. Canadianly. If you can't live with that, then you may need to consider that this isn't the guild for you.
Or, you could deliberately do it wrong yourself to prove a point. That works too. And it doesn't do anything to undermine your claim to the moral high ground.
-- Angry Sari

But if I don't win the damage meters, how will I know that my life has worth? Maybe I should just log.
-- Sad and Concerned Raider

-- Ouchies, probably

Alternately, you could remember that it's just a game and try to have fun with it without deliberately making it less fun for others.
-- Angry Sari

It's not fun for me to waste time wiping because tunnelers want to tunnel.
-- C.R.

It's not fun for me to waste mana attempting to keep monkface alive. We all have crosses to bear.
In all seriousness: if we are wiping because people aren't switching to adds, then it will be addressed. (Has been addressed. Is being addressed. Was addressed repeatedly last night.) I promise, I have no problem telling the assassiniest of assassain rogues that they have to target switch when it makes sense.
I'm the monster, remember?
-- Angry Sari

You don't scare me. Nimo is much scarier.
-- C.R.

Yep. Don't make me unleash the Nimo.
-- Angry Sari

*doing dishes*
-- Nimo, probably

Fine. What about people who are scraping the bottom of the damage meter?
-- C.R.

What about them? Someone has to be at the bottom.
-- Angry Sari

-- C.R.

Dear C.R.,
OK. If someone truly can't keep up, then we will try to help them identify and correct the issue. Steen in particular is knowledgeable about class mechanics, and I'm a datahound who likes to query the logs. For fun. If we have to sit someone from a progression fight due to poor performance, we will (and have recently), but we do generally try to be more inclusive rather than less. We have made a conscious decision to make people our priority in this guild.
That said, I draw a hard line at bullying. If you can't be positive and generally supportive of your fellow raiders, then this may not be the guild for you.
-- Angry Sari

Dear Sari,
That's the second time you've said that. I feel like you're trying to make me /gquit.
-- C.R.

Have you ever called me "little one"? If not, you're probably safe.
For the record, I actually like a lot of people, including at least one of the evil twins. And Kyle. Usually.
I'm not a fan of bullies, bad puns, world PvP, mythic BRH, or people who bring babies to the movies. Or babies, in general.


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