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New EP values
02/14/2017 08:52 PM by Ignus.

Starting on Tuesday the 14th we are going back to the way EP values were originally assigned as long as the addon allows (we had to move from this because of bugs) with some changes. Here's how EP will be handed out:

50 once we are ready to start (right before the first trash pull)
15 every 15 minutes PROGRESSION ONLY* (done by the addon automatically)
30 per normal boss kill **
50 per heroic boss kill **
50 at the end of the raid
* At the moment everything but the first three fights on heroic is progression
** First kills get double of this value

Here's how the big chunk of EP you see at the end of the raid is created:

15 at the start of the raid
50 per boss kill (regardless of difficulty, double if first kill)
15 every 15 minutes
100 at the end
I do the math in my head and assign the full value at the end.

This translates into the farm night on normal giving two or three times as much EP as the two others. The new model should bring each raid night closer in terms of EP, keep me from screwing up and make EP rewards clear to everyone.


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