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EPGP - Revisited for Legion
01/04/2017 09:03 PM by Sarielle.

So, we didn't really update EPGP for the new expansion. This seems to have led to some understandable confusion: a minor upgrade was fairly straightforward when Warforged procced a fixed bonus to ilevel, but the addition of Titanforged (and the relative strength of secondary stats versus primary status in Legion) has muddied the waters.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

1) EPGP decays by 20% every week, which preserves your PR relative to everyone else in the raid, but reduces the PR lead you have over others (and that others have over you) over time.

2) GP value scales with ilevel. The Titanforged version of an item is going to be a bigger hit to PR than the Warforged version of the same item, which is going to be a bigger hit to PR than the baseline version. This is fairly obvious, but I mention it here to point out that there is already some scaling built into the system.

3) The overarching purpose of EPGP is to ensure an equitable distribution of loot over time. It isn't to value items relative to each other (except to the extent necessary to disincentivize PR hoarding); rather, it's to ensure that every raider receives approximately the same amount of loot for the same amount of time spent in the raid. Granted, factors beyond our control (like an overabundance of leather wearers) may skew this sometimes and give an advantage to certain classes over others. But this is more a side effect of raid composition than the loot system, per se.

With that in mind, here's what I'm proposing:

1) Need/MS (full GP) -- Keep in mind that you can always bid MS, even if the piece is technically only a Minor Upgrade. If you win the item uncontested (e.g., there are NO other MS or Minor Upgrade bids) AND it qualifies as a Minor Upgrade, then we will discount GP to Minor Upgrade cost, but it is your responsibility to inform the master looter of the fact, preferably using the Notes section of the EPGPLootMaster mod.

2) Greed/Minor Upgrade (20% GP) -- To be considered a Minor Upgrade, an item must be NO MORE THAN TEN ilevels above your currently equipped item. Alternately, it could be of the same or even lower ilevel, but an upgrade in some other way -- i.e., it has a prismatic socket, a tertiary stat (yay, leech!) or is simply better itemized for your class and spec. You don't have to justify the magnitude of the upgrade; as long as it is within 10 ilevels of your currently equipped item, it qualifies as "minor." If it's more than 10, it doesn't. (Also, please note that "currently equipped" means just that. If it's in the bank, it won't show up on the mod and doesn't count.)

3) Offspec items no longer have a GP cost, but are awarded according to a random /roll rather than PR. The logic here is that taking OS items to help the raid shouldn't penalize hybrids' MS PR. However, if we were to award OS loot according to PR without charging GP, then whoever is at the top of the list would stay at the top for multiple OS pieces, and that's not fair either. For items other than trinkets and relics to be considered OS, you must have a better or equivalent Main Spec item -- i.e., you can't OS an item that could also be considered a MS upgrade because the itemization is better for your OS than your MS, as that disproportionately favors hybrids.

As always, questions, comments and discussion is encouraged! Our goal has always been to have a fair and transparent loot system -- you should be able to tell by looking at the PR list who will win an item before it is awarded. There should be no surprises and very little room for debate (because, seriously, Kathryn doesn't want to talk to you that much anyway).


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