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 Post subject: Loot Distribution
PostPosted: Fri Mar 07, 2008 5:50 pm 
Loot Distribution

25-man raids

1. Surreality uses EPGP for boss loot on 25-man raids. Please see the section on EPGP for additional details.

2. Random greens are disenchanted and any enchanting materials received from them are deposited in the guild bank.

3. Epic crafting patterns are master-looted to the guild’s designated crafters. Because the items produced are BoE, the patterns themselves are considered property of the guild and GP is not charged to the crafter. However, the crafter is expected to utilize the pattern for the good of the guild, and not to profit personally from it or from any crafting materials (i.e., Nether Vortexes) that are subsequently master-looted to them for this purpose.

5. Any raid-specific crafting materials that are BoE are deposited in the guild bank and are distributed to raiders and core raiders at officer discretion.

Crafted Epics

Every raider is entitled to one “free” crafted epic each tier for his dominant PvE spec. The raider is expected to provide all of the crafting materials, with the exception of the orbs/essences/embers/etc., which will be donated by the raid.

Designated Crafters

Yes, the guild crafters are all officers, or – in rare cases – high-attendance raiders we trust to keep any patterns that are master-looted to them in the guild for the foreseeable future. This is because we view rare and epic quality patterns as guild assets and want to ensure that they are accessible to as many of our members as possible. If a guild crafter has already learned a particular recipe or pattern, then it will be offered to other crafters, often in order of seniority.

10-man raids

10-man's are now run on Group Loot: NEED for main spec, PASS for off-spec, pass otherwise. Don't be greedy. It's that simple.

In general, the following courtesies should be observed when determining loot priority:

1. Priority should be given to the individual for whom a particular item is considered on-spec.
2. Priority should be given to the highest armor value a class can wear (e.g., a druid would lose to a priest for healing cloth but win over a shaman for healing leather).
3. The magnitude of the upgrade should be taken into account.
4. The number of items won should be taken into account.

Do not click DISENCHANT, as off-specs will be GREEDing.

5-man instances

The rules regarding 5-man instances, including heroics, are simple:

1. Use common sense.
2. Don’t be greedy.

With the exception of runs that are staged for the sole purpose of getting member X item Y, 5-man instances are typically run on Group Loot with a simple “NEED for main-spec, GREED for off-spec, PASS otherwise” rule. Items that aren’t immediately useful to anyone present can be sharded if there is an enchanter in the party, and then either evenly distributed, /random rolled or deposited in the guild bank, at the group’s discretion.

Loot distribution in 5-man’s isn’t the type of thing the guild will typically become involved in; it is only mentioned here in the event that a conflict arises in the future. Use common sense; don’t be greedy. Period, end of story.


From time to time it will be necessary to PuG open spots in our raid groups. Loot rules regarding PuG’s in guild-sponsored runs are as follows:

1. Epic crafting patterns and disenchanted greens will be kept in-guild.

2. If EPGP is in effect and a PuG is present who would like to be considered for a particular item, then everyone who is interested in that item as a main spec upgrade will be asked to roll. If the PuG wins the roll, then he or she will receive the item. If a guild member wins the roll, then the item will follow our normal loot rules.

3. If EPGP is not in effect, then the PuG will receive equal consideration to guild members on all drops, with those exceptions noted above.

4. Players who are consistently asked to PuG can be added to our EPGP system under a dummy account. This shouldn't happen often, but can be accomodated under those rare circumstances in which it does.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 12, 2008 5:05 pm 
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