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Joined: Thu May 07, 2015 11:32 am
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 Post subject: New Shaman application from Akbahr
PostPosted: Thu May 07, 2015 12:18 pm 
  • Shaman

  • 100

  • Orc

Age/Geographic Location
  • 26 Pennsylvania

Favorite Cereal
  • Boo Berry(seasonal) / Frosted Mini Wheats

Are you currently guilded? If so, with whom?
  • No

Why are you looking to leave?
  • Rerolling on a new server for a fresh start

What other guilds have you been in?
  • Lux Legis - Arthas (closed beta vanilla till BC #3 Guild in the world pre BC), Four Horsemen - shadowmoon (BC release till Cata)

Why do you want to join Surreality?
  • Looking for a mature progression guild, give me the chance to get back into what I love most in this game (endless wipes and the unbelievable joy that hits you like a mac truck when you finally down a boss you have been working on for a while)

What do you have to offer the guild? What are your expectations for us?
  • I don't stand in the fire, lol. But in all seriousness I have a lot of experience and knowledge to offer the guild. I'm also a fun person to have in the guild. never a dull moment.

Do you know any of our members? Who?
  • Spoke to Raptorr today about my situation

What is your current talent distribution? How, or why, did you choose it?
  • Resto/Enhance. I would prefer to dps but I have no issue with healing. Reason for choosing to dps is the fact that I have always been a healer for quite a while

What is your preferred raid role? If this role isn't available, are you willing to respec?
  • Enhance but I have no problem swapping to healing if it would better the raid group

Surreality logs can be found at http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/4972/. You will be held to the standard of being able to put out numbers reasonably close to ours. Do you feel that this is something you're capable of doing? Do you have any applicable logs of your performance?
  • I know for sure I would have no issue putting out the required and even out doing said numbers either in HPS or DPS. I do not have logs currently.

No one has their ideal gear, and getting that gear we want is part of the reason for raiding. Can you point out any problems you see in your own gearing at the moment, and explain your plans to address those issues?
  • Im a fresh reroll on the server, unfortunately my health started to go downhill roughly a year ago and I left to take care of it. Unfortunately I came back to no guild and no invite back to the guild I was in. So that means I am starting fresh with a brand new char. I will gear myself if needed to catch the rest of the guild and fill the spot.

Describe your previous raid experience. What is your favorite boss fight? Why?
  • Favorite boss figth, tough one. I would have to say Old School Rag was my favorite but my favorite raid was Ulduar. I liked the involvement of tanks on flame the beautiful scenery and Yog was definitely a challenge to down.

What add-ons do you use? What add-on can't you live without?
  • for raiding I use Recount DBM and Omen. I have always healed using base UI and macro's

How many times a week are you willing to raid? When are you available?
  • Anytime im quite flexible

How do you spend your time in-game outside of raid time?
  • dailies, farming and assisting others

Tell us about a time you wiped your group or raid.
  • Cant remember a time I myself did, but the most funny wipe I ever incountered was back during burning crusade. We had went on a 10 minute break after curator and a hunter in the guild had taken too long to return. I had another hunter MD that hunter as a normal thing we did if this happened. The hunter happened to come back right as he was being MD'd. He in turn Md'd the tank and it became a chain reaction of death after death.

Best. AFK. Ever.
  • No clue

Anything else?
  • I have cookies

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