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Joined: Mon Oct 14, 2013 11:00 pm
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 Post subject: New Hunter application from kanark
PostPosted: Mon Oct 14, 2013 11:41 pm 
  • Hunter
  • 90
  • Orc
Age/Geographic Location
  • 27/East coast somewhere
Favorite Cereal
  • Captain crunch...no wait, golden grahams... waaait raisin nut bran! ok maybe Life
Are you currently guilded? If so, with whom?
  • I'M SO DRY RIGHT NOW.... super serious pvp guild without guild bank or really anyone in it basically
Why are you looking to leave?
  • Boring guild is boring!
What other guilds have you been in?
  • All of them? really? ok here goes: Failure, Rebirth, Method (not the super awesome one), It's just a game, Dominus, Independence, Cynical, SA, Echelon, is not amused, Plague, Bad Habits, Deliverance, I'M SO DRY RIGHT NOW.
Why do you want to join Surreality?
  • I wanna shot things that do the same thing over and over in a pattern that is easily picked up by myself and 24 others after a couple of tries.
What do you have to offer the guild? What are your expectations for us?
  • I'm a bit undergeared right now (thanks blizz roll system), but I know how to go pew pew pew really hard, which only gets better with gear naturally. Also, I know all the drama that caused independence to fall apart.
Do you know any of our members? Who?
  • Neville, Mooruid and probably some others.
What is your current talent distribution? How, or why, did you choose it?
  • Currently talent distribution is optimized for big pews.
What is your preferred raid role? If this role isn't available, are you willing to respec?
  • I prefer to DPS. I also have a druid, Casein, I do not mind playing as well. I mostly just want to push buttons, run around, and not let my HP reach 0 before the boss's does.
Surreality logs can be found at http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/4972/. You will be held to the standard of being able to put out numbers reasonably close to ours. Do you feel that this is something you're capable of doing? Do you have any applicable logs of your performance?
  • I don't have any logs and i'm probably not gonna be able to pew super hard until I've accumulated more gear.
No one has their ideal gear, and getting that gear we want is part of the reason for raiding. Can you point out any problems you see in your own gearing at the moment, and explain your plans to address those issues?
  • I don't have a whole lotta epic lewts right now. I wouldn't mind just coming to flex raids for a while and gear up that way.
Describe your previous raid experience. What is your favorite boss fight? Why?
  • My favorite boss fight was prooobably mimiron hardmode. Ulduar in general was awesome.
What add-ons do you use? What add-on can't you live without? Why? Can you include a screenshot of your raiding ui?How many times a week are you willing to raid? When are you available?
  • I get my schedule soon. I should be able to raid basically every day.
How do you spend your time in-game outside of raid time?
  • LFR to gear and PVP with baddie druids (mooruid)
Tell us about a time you wiped your group or raid.
  • I once detonated my shrooms and started the fight against Al'Akir in Cata xpac as a druid. I don't remember wiping raids much...
Best. AFK. Ever.
  • ....that's what she said?
Anything else?
  • neville touched my no no parts...

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