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Garrosh down!

11/07/2013 04:27 PM

Second Wing of SoO Downified!

09/24/2013 01:02 AM

First wing of SoO complete! Good job team!

09/17/2013 11:55 AM

Nobody likes trolls. except Beer, he loves everyone

08/07/2013 05:46 AM

"we got a bird down!" Heroic Ji-Kun!

07/20/2013 12:48 AM

Ventrilo Server Info
Vent Ventrilo Server
Host vent.surreality-guild.com
Port 5130
Version 3.0.6
User 2 users online
Surreality of Black Dragonflight

Surreality is a adult guild that aspires to experience end-game content while at the same time building a supportive, well-respected and lasting community of players on the Black Dragonflight server. We have a “fun and friendship first; progression second” philosophy towards raiding, and measure our successes not in terms of how quickly we can down bosses, but in how much fun we have getting there.

We formed in August, 2007, and over the course of The Burning Crusade evolved from a leveling guild into a Karazhan guild, and ultimately into a T6 raiding guild — clearing all content from Attumen through Illidan prior to the WotLK release. In Wrath of the Lich King, we shifted our attention to 25-man hard-modes and continued to raid heroic content from Naxxramas all the way through Siege of Orgrimmar.

Now, Warlords of Draenor is upon us and we are looking forward to the challenge of Heroic and Mythic raiding.

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Our first night in Mythic Blackrock Foundry went well.
04/09/2015 10:47 PM by Sarielle


At long last...
04/07/2015 11:51 PM by Sarielle

... Heroic Blackhand is no more.

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Slowpoke updates!
11/20/2013 05:22 AM by Prethryl

The video can be viewed here.

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